How to Increase Productivity With Multiple Monitors.

Are you struggling to stay focused? Deadlines are looming, but you just can’t seem to increase productivity no matter how many coffees you drink. If this sounds familiar, then you’re certainly not alone. From working remotely to virtual meetings, professionals and business owners alike are finding it increasingly difficult to fight procrastination, as distractions seem to be everywhere. Well, that is until you invest in a dual monitor stand. Multiple screens are helping professionals to focus, get into the zone and experience productivity like never before, In fact, according to recent data, dual monitors have been proven to increase productivity by a massive 42 per cent! ¹ So grab yourself a coffee, and let’s talk monitor stands, multiple screens and maximising your productivity.

Multiple monitors are becoming increasingly popular in offices and homes, and with good reason. Using multiple monitors can significantly increase productivity and provide a more comfortable and efficient work environment.


Procrastination Created By Single Screens

Let’s kick things off by talking about single-screen limitations and how dual monitor stands can increase productivity. With only one screen, it can often be difficult to open multiple tabs online and switch seamlessly between each one. Let’s be honest; we’ve all been there. In those split seconds between one tab to another, the temptation of TikTok or scrolling through Instagram can be overwhelming. And before you know it, you’re down a social media rabbit hole, wasting precious time and taking your energy away from your work. A study noted by Dell found that users completed basic tasks 2.5 seconds faster using two screens rather than one and spent 5 per cent less time looking for reference documents when working on a project. ²

A single screen can be both time-consuming and distracting, especially if you’re a developer, coder or trader. While saving a second or two by using a dual monitor stand, you might not see the benefit at first, but over a couple of days, these seconds quickly add up, and multiple monitors can help you stay hyper-focused throughout the week.



Dual Monitor Stand Set Up For Increased Productivity

A dual monitor stand can be an excellent investment for increasing productivity in the workplace or within a home office. Not only does it save desk space, but it also allows you to adjust the height and angle of your screens for maximum comfort while working. Having two or even three screens means you can have one dedicated to one task and the other to another project, allowing you to switch between the two without having to stop and start. And for some people, this is how they work best. Take this a step further with a monitor riser to keep your screens in your natural line of sight in order to minimise neck and lower back pain.


The Comfort Of Multiple Screen Set-Ups

Another advantage of having a dual monitor stand or monitor shelf is the added comfort they can bring. Rather than having to switch between different applications and documents with a single-screen set-up, you can instantly access all the information you need to be displayed on separate screens.

This added comfort can be particularly beneficial for those who spend long hours at their desks, as it reduces the strain on their eyes and neck. With two screens, you can have one screen dedicated to your primary task, such as coding or writing, while the other screen is used for supporting tasks, such as researching, taking notes or checking emails. This reduces the need to constantly switch between applications, which can be time-consuming and often leads to a loss of focus.

Additionally, having multiple screens via a dual monitor stand can be particularly useful for professionals who need to work with complex data or multiple applications at once. In such cases, it can be challenging to keep track of everything on a single screen, which can be both frustrating and tiring. With two screens, you can easily navigate between different applications, such as spreadsheets, graphs, and reports, making it much easier to manage complex data sets and complete tasks quickly.

Data Consolidation

When working with large amounts of data, having multiple screens can significantly increase productivity. Suppose you work as part of a finance department and are required to analyse complex data across multiple spreadsheets and presented via different software solutions. In this case, a dual monitor stand can help make your life much easier and reduce the risk of human error. You’ll be able to easily copy and paste information gathered from different applications more efficiently in order to make better data-driven decisions.

A 2012 study found that dual monitors were measurably more efficient and less frustrating than single monitor desks, and 98 per cent of the participants involved in the study would prefer a dual monitor stand over a single screen. ³


A More Environmentally Friendly Decision

When you think about it, using multiple screens can also reduce the need for printing documents, which is much better for the environment. Less paper and printer ink are required by using a dual-screen stand set-up since you’ll be able to easily view the information you need. So if you’re looking for ways to become more eco-friendly as a business, then perhaps investing in a monitor shelf, monitor riser or monitor stand for multiple screens is a good choice.

Rise Of Remote Work & Virtual Teams

A lack of productivity and an increase in procrastination today is a knock-on effect of the rise of remote work and virtual teams. But while this is a challenge for companies to overcome, multiple screens can help reduce friction and communication issues without bringing people back into the office. Dual monitor stands can make video and virtual calls easier to host and participate in, as presentations and data can be opened and accessed without having to take over the video screen. The ability to see other people’s faces and body language is often all that is needed to improve engagement on a video call, and multiple screens can make this possible.

According to a 2020 Forrester report, 80 per cent of users believe that a larger display monitor would positively impact their performance and increase productivity. ⁴ And using video conferencing tools to collaborate with colleagues simultaneously naturally becomes easier when a dual monitor stand is involved. ⁵

Different Types Of Dual Monitor Stand Setups

There are different types of dual setups that you can use to improve productivity in the workplace. Feel free to browse our online collection of laptop stands, monitor shelves, and dual monitor stands to optimise your productivity and performance.

A dual monitor stand is a cost-effective solution to easily introduce a second screen to your regular desk design. A sturdy monitor arm, on the other hand, can be used to accommodate several screens without taking up extra room within your business or home office. A monitor arm can be mounted to your desk, wall or even ceiling and is adjustable in terms of angle and height. Another option to consider is a monitor riser to improve your posture and free up valuable desk space.


Installing Dual Monitors

Monitors are designed with this type of connectivity in mind Setting up dual monitors is a breeze—all it requires is a computer and the two monitors you wish to use. Monitors and computers have multiple ways to connect to each other, and there are a few different types of cables you may need. Your monitors will connect with one (or more) of these:








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